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We have advised and helped literally thousands of people with probate, wills and trusts over the years, so we understand better than most that the legislation surrounding probate, inheritance tax and the recent Care Bill can be daunting and difficult to understand for a lot of people.

Our clients often find it hard to make sense of all that legislation spouted at them from various quarters and end up feeling confused and frustrated. It should be the aim of all legal and financial practitioners to avoid this situation and make sure their clients fully understand the process and work being undertaken on their behalf.

One of the best ways we have found of explaining both the probate process and some of the additional work that can be completed to suit their individual needs is by using case studies.

Here are some some real case studies we've undertaken. We have changed the names to aliases in order to protect clients' privacy and hope that the examples we've listed may strike a chord and help you appreciate that our primary aim is to help people and make a difference:

Contested Will Case
Contested Will Case

Mother and son argue over £1m estate.

Mrs Jones (not her real name), was in dispute with her son Stuart over her brother’s £1m estate. Her brother had died with a Will leaving his estate to Stuart (just one of Mrs Jones’s three children). The deceased had made a prior Will, made many years before, which left his estate to Mrs Jones whose intention it would have been to then leave it equally between her three children, Stuart receiving one third. Her view was that Stuart had hijacked the whole estate…

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Probate Case Study
Heir Trace Probate
Heir Trace Probate

Who was to inherit a Hoarder's £1.8m estate?

A few years ago we were presented with an interesting case which required the utilisation of all our skills and expertise; from heir tracing, probate administration, house clearance and investment of an inheritance into trust. It all started when we received a call from a nursing home stating a resident had died leaving no next of kin. We took up the challenge and 12 weeks later via Western Australia we located a legitimate beneficiary; in Stevenage...

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Trust Case Study
Trust Case Study

The Estates of the late Eric and Joanna Anderson

The Probate Bureau was appointed by Mrs Anderson to deal with her late husband's estate after his death in December 2008. Whilst his estate was ongoing, in September 2009 her daughter also died unexpectedly. The Probate Bureau was able to bring an amazing degree of expertise into play to solve a potentially complex and expensive outcome

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Once I realised that my late mother's estate would incur inheritance tax I decided that I did not want to deal with it myself, so&... read more

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