Heir Trace Probate

Heir Trace Probate

It is a sad endictment on modern society that even though technology and communications are better than ever before, we are less 'connected' than ever before.

A couple had been hoarders living in a good sized, four bedroom detached property in Hertfordshire with sizeable investments and a seaside flat overlooking an offshore wind farm. They had drafted mirror Wills with a local solicitor leaving everything to each other yet, to our amazement, there were no residuary beneficiaries. The husband had a nephew who would have inherited everything had the wife died first. But sadly for him, because the late widow had been the second to die, he stood to inherit not one penny of the £1.8 million estate! So who would? We set to work locating the late widow's next of kin.

"My uncle will be turning in his grave!" said the late husband's nephew shaking his head. "You mean to say I get nothing, even though I was in business with him for 40 years?"

Never have we experienced a more poignant reason for having a Will properly drafted by a 'competent' practitioner.

After 12 weeks of research, a 60 page report with 37 family lines detailed, the gentleman who responded to our invitation, though initially sceptical, was soon delighted with his windfall. He promptly gave up work and invested his inheritance prudently with independent financial advice from The Probate Bureau Wealth Management

He didn't need to; register the death; arrange the funeral; value the estate; calculate and pay the inheritance tax due; clear the properties; market and sell them; open an executors bank account; call in all the assets; pay the outstanding liabilities; set up a trust; employ the services of an accountant, solicitor, financial advisor or anyone else for that matter. The Probate Bureau did it all!

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