Can I Refuse An Inheritance? Posted by The Probate Bureau , 26/03/2020

Can I Refuse An Inheritance?

For most people, a bequest left in a Will from a loved one is a blessing. It might be a gift of jewellery, some money or even a property. But, there can be occasions when the receipt of assets is not welcome, especially if they’re going to end up costing you money. What was intended to be gest... read more

I Can’t Afford My Loved One’s Funeral Posted by The Probate Bureau , 12/03/2020

I Can’t Afford My Loved One’s Funeral

Losing a parent or a partner is heartbreaking. And in the midst of grief, struggling to work out how you can afford a funeral is something you can do without. With the average cremation costing £3,858 and a burial around £5,000, it isn’t the sort of money you are going to be able t... read more

Probate Solicitors Southend-On-Sea Posted by Probate Bureau, 19/03/2019

Probate Solicitors Southend-On-Sea

When a loved one dies, it can be a very steep learning curve, and learning to deal with the grief and pick up your life again can be incredibly tough. During this time, your focus may be on grieving and it can be very easy to find yourself with a mountain of paperwork and affairs that need to be put... read more

Why Unmarried Couples Need to Have Wills Posted by Probate Bureau, 19/03/2019

Why Unmarried Couples Need to Have Wills

The number of unmarried, cohabitating couples has more than doubled from 1.5 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2017. If you are in this situation – not legally married or in a civil partnership – then the truth is, you aren’t entitled to inherit anything when your partner passes aw... read more

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Once I realised that my late mother's estate would incur inheritance tax I decided that I did not want to deal with it myself, so&... read more

- Susan C

It has been helpful to have all the affairs wrapped up together and Eve has been professional & efficient in completing things... read more

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