Probate Services Colchester Posted by Probate Bureau, 16/08/2018

Probate Services Colchester

Probate Expert Services Colchester Detailed by The Probate Bureau.   What is probate? Probate is the legal process of dealing with the estate of someone who has passed away and distributing their assets. The granting of probate is the initial step in this legal process. What is a will? A will i... read more

Wills and Probate News: August 2018 Posted by Probate Bureau, 16/08/2018

Wills and Probate News: August 2018

Wills and Probate News Compiled by The Probate Bureau. Wills and probate experts in Hertfordshire and Essex, The Probate Bureau, have compiled the latest news, advice and guidance on Wills and Probate from around the world. The Importance of Seeking Legal Advice When Making a Will The Law Commissio... read more

What Every Executor Should Know Posted by David West, 18/08/2016

What Every Executor Should Know

Results from a 2015 Executor Survey Results show that most people find administering an estate far more difficult than they initially thought it would be. DIY probate can be more expensive than letting a professional deal with it.  Call The Probate Bureau for free guidance before you start... read more

Daughter was left nothing in her late father's Will Posted by David West, 12/08/2016

Daughter was left nothing in her late father's Will

A 41-year-old woman who was cut out of her father’s will has taken her stepmother to court for a piece of the £1 million estate. Danielle Ames’s father, Michael Leslie Ames, died three years ago leaving his fortune to his second wife and Danielle’s stepmother, 63-year-old Ela... read more

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Very satisfied with the way the Probate Bureau handed my late father’s estate. I honestly can't find anything you could impr... read more


Dear David, I Have enclosed a signed copy of my will. Many thanks for doing that :) I know you must be extremely busy in these dif... read more

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