Why Unmarried Couples Need to Have Wills Posted by Probate Bureau, 19/03/2019

Why Unmarried Couples Need to Have Wills

The number of unmarried, cohabitating couples has more than doubled from 1.5 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2017. If you are in this situation – not legally married or in a civil partnership – then the truth is, you aren’t entitled to inherit anything when your partner passes aw... read more

How To Choose Guardians For Your Children in a Will Posted by Probate Bureau, 27/02/2019

How To Choose Guardians For Your Children in a Will

// It’s hard to imagine a time when you can’t look after your children, especially when you have to think of someone else raising them. Though, if something happened to you and your partner, of course, you’d like to make sure your little ones were in the very best hands and with s... read more

Do You Really Need a Will? - Wills and Probate Hemel Hempstead Posted by Probate Bureau, 18/01/2019

Do You Really Need a Will? - Wills and Probate Hemel Hempstead

We all know that having to make a will isn't fun to think about, we all don't want to think about a time when it'll be needed. We all live life as though we are completely invincible, but none of us are promised tomorrow. It may shock you, but The Independent recently reported that nearly two-thirds... read more

Sir Elton John Posted by David West, 28/02/2018

Sir Elton John was "snubbed" after his late mother changed her will and left him none of her fortune, it has been reported. Sheila Farebrother, who died aged 92 in December 2017, is said to have left half of her £534,000 estate to Bob Halley, a former PA and chauffeur after she changed her wil... read more

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Very satisfied with the way the Probate Bureau handed my late father’s estate. I honestly can't find anything you could impr... read more


Dear David, I Have enclosed a signed copy of my will. Many thanks for doing that :) I know you must be extremely busy in these dif... read more

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